Factors to consider while moving into a new city

Moving to a new city on your own is one of the hardest things you can do. Traveling alone involves numerous hurdles, from packing a box and finding a place to reside to meeting new people and navigating your way.

What is the difference between Builder Floor Apartment and Multistorey Apartment?

With the evolution taking place in the real estate market, an array of options for different apartments, builder’s floors, and multi-stories are available for purchase.

All about token money and its do’s and don’ts

When a property purchase is finalized between the seller and the buyer, to seal the deal, a small process is initiated. This includes the buyer paying a small portion of the transaction value i.e the advance to the seller. This type of advance payment is known as the ‘Token Amount’. 

Mutation entry doesn’t validate ownership of a property: SC confirms

One significant matter, such as the mutation of property or land, is no longer favouring the individual who has their name in revenue records under the local municipal corporation.

Verify the credibility of your builder with these easy steps

Whether it’s a small flat or the bungalow of your dream, owning a home is not just a mere wish for individuals in India but, it comes with a huge investment, maybe a lifetime income for people too.

Decoding the future outlook of REITs in India

In India, REITs are making a big splash into the Indian real estate industry at the right time. It was one of the most popular financial instruments globally introduced in India to monetize lease-returning assets, which later served to raise investment capital. 

Why is location critical for Real Estate investment?

Is it true that location makes a huge difference? Can you benefit from buying a property in a good place? As a real estate investor these must be some of the obvious primary questions that pops into your mind regarding the real estate investment. So, is location a critical component of real estate investment? Let […]

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