Everything you need to know about the AP encumbrance certificate

Among the most essential aspects of a person’s life is their house. People are deeply engaged in their homes for a range of factors, however there is a significant financial investment if it pertains to owning a home or property.

Facts About Ancestral Property In India

Ancestral Property is a term that is frequently encountered in real estate discussions, although it is sometimes misinterpreted due to the use of numerous. People frequently confuse any inherited possessions with ancestral possessions.

Everything about the Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA)

The Godavari Urban Development Authority (GUDA) is a multi-purpose Andhra Pradesh government institution situated in Kakinada that specializes in city development, as established under the Andhra Pradesh Metropolitan Region and Urban Development Authority Act, 2016.

All About Pagdi System In India.

Many times, one must have come across the phrase ‘Pagdi’ when researching or listening to information on a real estate-related job. 

Property, Ownership, and Possession

In a general sense, we talk about “property” quite often. Everything tangible & intangible (virtual assets) that surrounds us can be referred to as property to an extent.

To address builder issues, UPRERA will develop a microsite

The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UPRERA) has decided to develop a microsite on its legitimate website to arbitrate between all parties to resolve builder litigation related to commercial and improvement government.

What is Transit Oriented Development?

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a strategy used across the world to deal with the challenges of urban sprawl by concentrating sports at a node or near a public transit station, hence increasing land use performance.

Leasehold Property: An Overview

The rent settlement, in particular, allows the tenant to occupy and utilize the assets for a predetermined period.

Ways to avoid Different Property Disputes

Despite the hype around RERA, buying real estate in India can occasionally be a nightmare – a morass of bureaucracy, loopholes, and hazy regulations. It’s a nightmare that might turn you inside out.

Top Ways Real Estate Professionals Get Leads from Digital Marketing

A real estate professional must understand that the internet is the first recourse your potential clients take when looking for a home. As per a survey, about 95% of millennials and 85% of parents’ soon to give birth went online to find their future homes.

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