Telangana government will hold an e-auction for plots in Turkayamjal

The state government recently declared an encumbrance-free sale of multifunctional lands in the Turkayamjal area inside the ORR borders.

Any individual or group of individuals may bid on such plots, that can be used to build flats, residences, or commercial buildings. Prime lands are offered for 40,000 EMD per square yard and 5 lakh EMD per plot. 

The e-auction will feature 34 plots varying in size from 600 square yards to 1,060 square yards. Arrangements such as blacktopped roads with walkways and central medians, underground sewer system, water distribution system connection with overhead tanks, drainage system, power transmission supply, and road lighting, among others, will be finished within 18 months, according to the initial statement.

Individuals, groups, companies, proprietary enterprises, corporations, organizations, institutions, NBFCs, governmental and semi-public enterprises of state or central government, government agencies, or joint development cooperations are all eligible to bid in the auction until 5 p.m. on June 27th. More information is available at

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