The locality overview of Mirdif, Dubai

Mirdif provides a level of family-friendly suburban living that is uncommon in Dubai, particularly at its pricing range.

In comparison to the city’s other planned and newer neighborhoods, this one has grown significantly during the last few decades. It’s a world different from modern Dubai’s chrome and aluminum, and inhabitants – many of whom have lived in Mirdif for years – like it. According to the 2020 Dubai Real Estate Market Report, the neighborhood is the most popular for inexpensive villa rentals. Mirdif is adored equally by Emiratis and expatriates from all over the world, and a lot of families have lived there their whole lives and can’t fathom living anywhere else in Dubai! What makes renting in Mirdif so unique is that it is real and was created with the needs of the locals in mind, rather than as a tourist attraction. It is one of the few villages in Dubai that does not have a hotel. Mirdif is one of Dubai’s greatest residential zones for families, with a broad selection of educational establishments and other amenities.

Price Trends

Despite the large size of the properties available, the region has long been known for having some of the most reasonable rates in the city. Renting a one-bedroom property in Mirdif costs around AED 50k, while renting a studio costs around AED 35k. Two-bedroom flats in Mirdif may be rented for as little as AED 50k per year, while three-bedroom villas start at AED 60k. Renting brand new flats in Mirdif for roughly AED 75k per year is also an option.If you’re looking for a 4-bed villa in Mirdif, the typical annual rental price is AED 106k. On the more opulent side, Mirdif villas with private pools are readily available for rent.


Although there are presently no metros in the region, individuals who rely on public transit in Mirdif can find plenty of buses. The Rashidiya metro station on the red line is the closest.

Social Amenities

Mirdif is mostly a family-oriented community. In Mirdif, there are also a few foreign nurseries and schools, so parents don’t have to worry about a long morning school run. GEMS Royal Dubai School, which follows the UK curriculum till Year 6 and has obtained an exceptional grade from KHDA for the past three years, is one of the local institutions. In the event of a medical emergency, two alternatives are available: Medcare Medical Centres and a Mediclinic hospital in Mirdif, both of which are easily accessible from most portions of the neighborhood. Mirdif has a large number of clinics and pharmacies.

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