The Locality Overview of Shelu, Thane


The Indian state of Maharashtra has the little city of Shelu Thane. It is situated by the Shelu River, a Godavari tributary. The Shelu River is the source of the call. About 53 kilometers from Thane town, Shelu Thane is located in the Beyond Thane region. It is situated 93 kilometers from Mumbai. It is so easily accessible from those cities, making it a well-known location for real estate investment. especially well-known among those looking for a weekend escape or a second home away from the bustle of the city.

Shelu Thane is a charming little city with 20,000 residents. The city is well-known for its temples, which attract tourists from all around India. Shelu Thane is a great site to purchase your ideal domestic holiday since, despite its modest size, it is a well-known tourist attraction. The Mumbai suburban railroad network is centered at Shelu Railway Station. Each year, tens of thousands of people visit the city’s temples. Visitors from Mumbai who want to reside and invest in real estate will find the town to be quite convenient.

Within the Shelu neighborhood in Thane district, Maharashtra lies the Shelu railway station. The station is located on the Kalyan–Kasara section of the Central Railway. There are three linked platforms at the station. At the station, there is a railroad colony with several housing units for railroad workers. There are several services available to travelers at the Shelu train station, including a waiting area, water coolers, restrooms, a snack room, a computerized reservation system, an inquiry office, and wheelchairs for people who are physically handicapped. This provides easy access to the burgeoning real estate market in Thane.

The expansion of Shelu Thane is being used to meet the growing demand for homes inside the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The municipality is a good choice for anyone looking to buy or rent a home because it is connected to Mumbai and the surrounding areas. The real estate market in Shelu Thane is expected to grow even more over the next several years, making it a great spot to invest in properties.

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