All About Taloja, Navi Mumbai

Taloja, which has Kharghar as a nearby community, is quickly becoming a vital residential getaway for residents. The development in this area has been sparked by recent news that Kharghar is now connected to The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCO) by an overpass that is being improved. Proposed metro stations, a new international airport, and comparatively inexpensive fees are other factors driving higher capital prices.

Kharghar, located around nine kilometers distant, has capital values in the range of Rs 7,000–8,000 per rectangular foot, whereas ordinary asset fees in Taloja are roughly Rs 4,000–4,500 per rectangular foot.

People have been drawn to live in this area for a number of reasons, including the provision of homes at a price that is half that of Kharghar as well as the presence of numerous small and large industries, including Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemicals, BEL, Kellogg India, and Hindalco Industries Ltd plant. The vast majority of the residents work in one of the aforementioned industries.

Traveling to Mumbai, Pune, and Thane is made more convenient by Taloja’s immediate avenue access to the Sion-Panvel Highway, Panvel, and Dombivli-Kalyan. Taloja is located on National Highway (NH) 4.

On the Vasai-Diva-Panvel Central Railway line, Taloja is a useful railroad station. Three trip trains now run to and from Vasai-Diva-Panvel in this way. Even while trains offer excellent connection, the construction of Phase I of the Navi Mumbai Metro from Belapur to Pendhar, which also connects to Taloja, also makes life easier for people. In addition, Section II will connect Khandeshwar with MIDC and Taloja.

Since Taloja is a developing node, residents must travel a considerable distance to Panvel, Kharghar, or Thane for all basic services, such as education, health care, shopping, entertainment, and amusement. To ensure that Taloja turns into a self-maintaining node, CIDCO is planning to improve the basic infrastructure.

The main park and golf course in Kharghar are both relatively close to Taloja. Five kilometers may separate Taloja Station from the main park. Five kilometers separate you from the golf course and the ISCKON Temple below. Three international colleges in Kharghar offer bus transportation to Taloja. The intentional cultural background center, which uses CIDCO, is four kilometers away.

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