Three issues that real estate agents avoid telling

Many sellers try to conceal water intrusions and cover them with beautiful wallpaper or coat a layer of paint to distract your attention. Besides, the dampness problem that may arise from exposure to water condensation is closely related to leakage trouble.

Solution: “For a better clarity on the health of the property, check everything suspicious. For instance, a huge painting or mirror that covers the entire wall can be removed to ensure that the wall does not have any tainted patch or cracks that usually occur due to water insemination. Similarly, dampness in any room can be detected by mildew or a musty smell. Most common areas where dampness is likely to happen are washrooms, basement and attic space,” shares Sumit Aggrawal, Interior Designer, Homzkraft.

Complications in the structure

The most prevalent are inherent problems. There might be a sinking roof or a shaky house foundation with numerous fractures in the walls. Furthermore, if a house has a weak foundation, it will be difficult to close the doors and windows effectively.

Solution: It would be challenging for a novice homebuyer to detect structural flaws. As a result, employing a home inspector or structural engineer is appropriate since he can better examine the property’s condition. Based on the circumstances, you may be able to postpone your purchase or negotiate a better bargain with the agent.

Problems with leakage

Damp walls might indicate a home’s leaking problems. Many vendors attempt to disguise water incursions by covering them with gorgeous wallpaper or applying a coat of paint to divert your attention. Furthermore, moisture caused by exposure to water condensation is directly associated to leakage problems.

Solution: “Check anything suspicious for a better understanding of the property’s health. For example, a large picture or mirror that covers the entire wall can be removed to verify that there are no contaminated patches or cracks caused by water intrusion. Likewise, mildew or a musty odour might indicate wetness in any environment. The most typical places for moisture to occur are bathrooms, basements, and attics “Sumit Aggrawal, Interior Designer at Homzkraft, agrees.

Pest dangers

Paint is an excellent tool for concealing major hazards such as bugs. Many house sellers use paint to renew a room or an old and decaying piece of furniture to conceal damage.

Solution: Thoroughly inspect each asset. Spend enough time inspecting every nook and cranny of the house. Open the doors and windows and inspect all of the wooden furniture in the room to see whether it is pest-infested.

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