What exactly is a building code?

The governing body establishes some principles to control construction works known as building regulations to attain the minimal requirements of safety and wellbeing for inhabitants of a structure. A building code is a set of municipal rules that govern how structures should be planned or constructed.

A building code is made up of regulations that govern construction operations throughout the country. The building code consists of fundamental building criteria as well as administrative rules. According to the definition, a building code is a set of municipal regulations that govern how structures should be planned or constructed, with a focus on the end product’s safety and quality.

Indian Building Code Provisions

The National Building Code (NBC) of India was originally issued in 1970. The following are some of the most important provisions of the Indian Building Code:

  • Building structural stability
  • Ease of access for older adults and people with disabilities
  • Fire and life protection
  • Design for earthquake resistance
  • Using alternative construction methods
  • Environmentally friendly building techniques such as solar electricity and rainwater harvesting
  • Management of solid waste

Goals of developing building codes

The primary goal of developing building codes is to provide minimal levels of safety, public good, and hygiene for building occupants. The code specifies criteria for a building’s general structure, such as infill walls, room sizes, substructure, space planning, roof structures, staircase design, and mechanical and electrical assemblies such as plumbing, drainage systems, lighting, and fixture requirements.

Building regulations in India have been changed regularly since their initial publication. The first revision to the building code occurred in 1983. Two further adjustments were made in 1987. In 2005, NBC has revised again. In addition to holding developers accountable for quality construction, the updated building code stipulates fire and life safety standards, particularly for high-rise residential complexes.

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