What exactly is a City Survey Property Card?

The city survey number is used to verify the authenticity of a property in an address (CTS number). The Superintendent of Land Records of Maharashtra assigns a unique identification number to each property in accordance with the procedure. This numerical identifying code is also known as a triangle survey number, series, or CTS number.

This unique ID assigned to the property throughout the purchasing and selling process is used to authenticate it. A buyer can find out vital information about a property he or she is engaged in by utilising this CTS number.

City survey property card applications

For each property, the chain and triangulation survey number (CTS number) are unique. It is typically allocated to houses on Mumbai’s outskirts. Likewise, the Mumbai division is issued a cadastral survey number.

The essential factors influence the significance of the CTS number or city survey property card:

  • This globally unique number is used for property registration and other property-related transactions. The requirements are needed by buyers, sellers, municipal authorities, and financial firms, among others. It may also be used to verify the information for authenticity and ownership during legal proceedings.
  • The CTS number enables you to obtain direct clearance for permits, changes, and repairs to an existing property.
  • The municipal survey property card specifies the costs for stamp duty and registration fees.
  • The property’s unique ID may be found in the city survey records. It could be used to depict the basic unauthorised property transfers and constructions. It may also be used to look up the status of permission applications in the state’s official data domain.

How can I obtain a city survey property card?

A card for a specific region can be collected from the local city survey office (CTSO). To get the card, the applicant must physically visit a relevant agency.

To submit an online application, go to the state land records portal. Select the location for which you wish to receive the card or view the previous record in this portal. Property owners can verify the property card and download the digitised copy from the Mahabhulekh site after properly entering the essential information in each mandatory component such as region, district, taluk, and so on.

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