What is a Kerala family membership certificate?

A family membership certificate is a document issued by the government to family members proving household member status for a variety of legal obligations. By providing the necessary papers, you may acquire this certificate online. The Family membership certificate has a limited lifespan and must be renewed or produced when it expires. Here’s all you need to know concerning family member certificates, also referred as survivor certificates in some states:

When you sell or relocate your property, the family membership certificate serves as documentation. The applicant’s request will be processed by the mandal revenue officer (MRO) after a rigorous procedure.

Who may apply for a family membership certificate?

The following people are qualified to apply for the certificate:

1. The deceased’s mother

2. The deceased’s spouse

3. Deceased’s children

When applying for the certificate, the major applicant must be the head of the household.

What papers are needed to apply for the certificate?

An application form is available from the local tehsildar’s office.

  • Election/Voter Identification Card
  • Ration book
  • PAN cards and ration cards are examples of identity proof papers.
  • The Aadhaar card
  • Certificate of birth, such as a 10th grade certificate
  • The deceased’s death certificate
  • Evidence of residency, such as a voter ID card, an electricity bill, or a phone bill
  • Photographs in passport size
  • The completed application form and bond document on the proforma should be attested by a gazetted official.
  • a duplicate of the completed application

How long does it take to issue the certificate?

The certificate is usually issued within six days after the application date.

What is the certificate’s validity?

A family member certificate is valid in Kerala for three years from the date of issuing. This can be renewed using the same procedure as described above.

What is the purpose of a family membership certificate?

A family membership certificate is useful when the head of the family dies without a will and the members must establish their relationship in order to receive the inheritance. In other circumstances, this certificate might be used to back up a will. In legal words, the certificate certifies the citizen’s family member status for all legal and official reasons.

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