What is BU and why is it important?

BU is typically the most used term in the domain of land and property construction as well as utilization. It is essentially a permit and stands for the ‘Building Usage Permission’ that is authorized by local regulatory associations. Its prime purpose is to regulate the optimization and apt utilization of every land or property in a specified arena.

Is the BU permission mandatory?

Every governmental body implements a specific set of regulations and rules when it comes to any local construction. The factors involved in inspection usually deal with land usage, construction efficiency, performance, feasibility, various environmental parameters, and so on. 

The BU permission is the prime documentation used in such regulatory practices by the state authorities. With the help of this documentation, a strict and straightforward protocol is maintained to support every rational construction project. 

Once the feasibility, efficiency, and usage aspects are made clear to both the authorities and prospective customers, it becomes significantly beneficial and profitable for the owners to proceed with the construction business in the longer run.

What is needed to Draft the ideal BU documentation?

The documentation of BU follows a pretty basic protocol that needs to be implemented without any discrepancies. Initially, you will need to draft an affidavit that will be rendered to the local government party.  

Additionally, all the documents concerning the construction of your property must be rightfully attested and attached.  

The overall boundary area of the mentioned property must exceed the range of 125 square meters. In a case where the cumulative area of your property construction is lesser than this range, you will not need any prior permission to proceed with the project. 

What are the documents involved in BU permission?
Here is a concise list of all the essential documents that are needed to draft your Building Usage Permission:

●       Report of structural stability

●       Identity proof such as Aadhaar card, pan card, etc.

●       Owner’s legitimate recent photograph.

●       Zoning report and certificate

●       Road agreement for the land property

●       Certificate of no objection sanctioned and approved by local government bodies.

●       POA – Power of Attorney

●       Inspection and assurance certificates

●       Approval documents for the planned building layout and structural development

●       Details and certificates of all the parties involved in construction. For example, engineers, designers, architects, structural heads, and so on.

●       Application of development permission.

●       Safety assurance certificates

●       Certificate of environmental clearance 

●       Land sales agreement

The above-mentioned documents are the prime necessities while submitting your BU permission. These documents contain all the information which are needed to indicate the rightful usage and development practices of the owner’s property construction. 

These documents and their variations may be different in different states and localities. 

To get an in-depth knowledge of the precise documents, you can contact the state offices or even refer to online governmental portals. 


Construction management is a very vast domain with every aspect holding immense value. Documentation and permission applications need to be managed with the correct understanding of the laws and regulations to avoid any barriers in the process.

BU permission deals with many different applications and specifications but also is straightforward to comprehend. It is important to note that these documents need to be filled and submitted with details that are up to date, valid, and with no discrepancies. The legitimacy of this government documentation must be of utmost priority.

The repercussions of any mishandling of such permit papers can lead to a significant delay in approval and grant notices. Furthermore, it may also hamper future buying and selling opportunities.  

With a basic understanding and holistic management, one can conveniently complete the proceedings of the Building Usage permit and benefit from a smooth property construction business.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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