What is rental yield?

Rental yield is primarily the amount of money you are generating on an investment asset by assessing the difference between your regular expenses and the income you receive from renting out your home. Understanding the principles of asset yield gives you a better idea of the potential ongoing return on your investment. It may also be helpful when it’s time to review the lease on a financing item.

Knowing a property’s condo yield also makes it easier to determine whether it is the best location for your investment objectives or whether you can earn a higher condo yield by purchasing a different property or by investing in a different neighborhood.

How do determine rental yield?

This is the rental return an item receives before any item costs are taken into consideration. It is effectively the once-a-year salary you receive as a percentage of the item’s market value. Determine the gross condo yield.

The formula to determine total condo yield is as follows:

  • Add up all of your annual hires so you can evaluate a tenant.
  • Divide the cost of the items by the amount of rent you pay annually.
  • Get the percentage of your gross condo yield by multiplying that parent by 100.

Here is an example of how to determine gross rental yield:

Let’s imagine your monthly rent is $30,000 and your property is worth $500,000. Your gross condo yield is equal to $30,000 divided by $500,000 by 100, which equals 6%.

e.g. Annual rent = cost of the items multiplied by 100

Determine the online condo yield. A few more calculations using numbers will be required to determine internet condo yield as it should be. Take these actions: 

  • Add up all of the expenses and fees associated with proudly possessing the items.
  • Add up the annual rent you might be able to get from the possessions.
  • Subtract the full cost of the annual hire.
  • Divide it by the value of the items to get the total.
  • multiply by 100 to get the answer.

Keep in mind that interest on your funding mortgage is not typically taken into account when calculating your net condo return. That’s relevant to your financial condition because the mortgage interest rate isn’t always based on how much the property is worth.

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