What is the best investment for women: real estate or gold?

As more women become independently wealthy in India, their proportion of investments is rapidly increasing. Although gold has traditionally always been a preferred financial asset, there are many alternative possibilities available today. Mutual funds, bonds, and even real estate investments are examples.

Investing in gold is often considered a woman’s work but investing in real estate is considered a man’s career. Although, there has been a steady movement in this mentality recently, and real estate is quickly capturing the attention of modern-day women.

  • Strong returns and benefits:

Although gold is an excellent investment, it is considered a short-term investment that aids in the achievement of an urgent savings plan. Real estate, on the other contrary, is a reliable investment that provides a steady return over time. Because the real estate industry increases over time, it gives greater returns than the stock market. Investing in real estate is consistently the wisest decision in any given circumstance.

  • Tax advantages:

Real estate investment offers tax advantages in the form of deductions for repairs, maintenance expenses, amortization, house payments, and legal fees, whereas gold is subject to capital gains tax. Depositing in a gold deposit certificate is completely tax-free.

  • Governmental incentive:

Several programmes have been established by banks to promote more female real estate investors. Many Indian banks give women purchasers cheaper interest rates on house loans than men buyers. Even the government has stepped in, offering stamp duty exemptions for any form of property registration submitted in the name of a woman.

  • Increases Economic Growth:

Currency fluctuations and gold valuations are damaging to the Indian economy, but real estate investment facilitates economic progress. Gold frequently causes a rise in the pricing of commodities such as capital goods and gasoline.

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