Why should you invest in real estate hotspot-Mahalunge?

Mahalunge is the most desired real estate, with brisk growth and close vicinity to Hinjewadi, Baner, and Wakad.

Under the town planning design, the area will be developed as Mahalunge Hi-tech City and will serve as a model project. Mahalunge is a 700-acre estate located on the Mumbai-Pune Highway, with beautiful green regions and hills in the background. Mahalunge will be a contemporary and affluent society to live in after the town planning infrastructure is completed, in addition to the current social and civic infrastructures.

Other factors make the Mahalunge one of the best places to invest

Residential Prices

Mahalunge has recently developed as a highly prized residential area in West Pune, whereas surrounding segments and subs like Baner, Hinjewadi, and Wakad have grown overcrowded and considerably very costly.The price of residential homes is now ranging at INR 5,016 – INR 7,112 per square foot., with the average price resting at INR 6,112 per square foot.


Mahalunge is well connected to the rest of Pune through the Mumbai-Pune Highway and the NandeBalewadi Road.Pune International Airport and the Pune Railway Station are both easily accessible from this neighborhood through several road routes in less than an hour.Mahalunge is conveniently encircled by several west Pune employment centers. Hinjewadi, one of Pune’s most important IT centers, is just about 2 minutes away.Due to big employment hubs, a massive proportion of the workers has resulted in a tremendous spike in demand for residential and commercial constructions in Mahalunge.

Social Amenities

Within 5-20 minutes, the micro-market provides various educational and medical amenities. There are several entertainment and recreational options in the area, ranging from retail malls to event gatherings. Blue Ridge Public School, Om International School, Symbiosis International University, and other educational institutions are located in and near the area. It is close to medical institutions such as Nucare Hospital, LifePoint Multi-Speciality Hospital, and Dhanvantari Hospital, as well as shopping buildings such as XION Mall, Balewadi High Street, and Westside.

Final Thoughts

All in all, investing in Mahalunge is a win and win bet for you. Because not only all these factors prove that this is the best investment and that is due to planned infrastructural development and closeness to several job centers, Mahalunge has enormous potential to flourish into an upmarket suburb in west Pune. The Mahalunge Township will be the first model township in a series of PMRDA (Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority) Town Planning Schemes, and the progression model will be used for the subsequent 45 townships that have been planned.

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