All About Dharavi Slum, Mumbai!

The Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP) was foreseen by NRI architect Mukesh Mehta in 1995. The DRP was approved by the Maharashtra government in 2004. The Dharavi Notified Area (DNA), a sort of triangular area of land that hides a massive 525 acres of high terrain, is now slated for redesign by the DRP. But during the subsequent sixteen years, it was noticeable how frequently the DRP’s pace picked up and weakened.

Following the DRP’s official approval in 2004, the Dharavi Notified Area was established by the Urban Development Department Resolution of 2005, which named the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) as the DRP’s Special Planning Authority. The DRP’s first round of international bids has been opened in 2007. Additionally, in 2007–2008, the Government and NGO MASHAL began working on the massive project of conducting a GIS-biometric survey and a socioeconomic baseline in Dharavi’s regions 1–5. However, given the precarity of the DRP and the instability of the real estate market, the DRP has not been able to attract successful developers and significant investments from the start.

Due to the lack of personal interest in the project, the government’s incentive to participate in the DRP most likely waned. The period between 2008 and 2016 saw a period of calm for the DRP while the government-run MHADA took up the project of expanding the Dharavi area 5.

This changed when, in 2018, the BJP-led administration decided to similarly encourage the DRP by establishing a special purpose vehicle (SPV). With the help of one unmarried builder or a group of developers, Sectors 1–5 might emerge as one separate entity. The personal developer may own a share in the SPV worth eighty percent (Rs. 400 crores), while the government might own a stake worth twenty percent (Rs. 100 crores). The Development Control Regulations 2034 with special DRP policies were approved by the BMC in November 2018.

Despite the Government of Maharashtra’s initiative, only two developer consortiums—SecLink Technologies Corporation and Adani Infrastructure—attracted bids in the most recent round of bidding. The Dubai-based consortium SecLink Technologies Corporation (STC) was chosen as the winner, securing an investment of Rs. 7,200 crores for the project’s first phase. But once more, the challenge has reached a dead zone. When considering that early 2019, STC is anticipating the Letter of Award from the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) and is now threatening to sue the GoM. The GoM is currently discussing whether or not to completely rescind the 2018 bids and issue a brand-new global tender.

The DRP implementation is a difficult maze to navigate, especially for residents of Dharavi who remain a notable stakeholder withinside the drawn-out timeline of the challenge due to the numerous personal and government agencies, town and country departments, organizations, etc. that include the various actors of the DRP.

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