Locality Overview: Gomti Nagar Extension

When looking around Lucknow, one can notice that the city has developed in every way in the last few years. In Gomti Nagar extension, Raebareilly street, Sultanpur street, Hardoi street, and Kanpur street, there are trends.

However, if you question someone in Lucknow about their wish to buy a new home, the answer is almost always Gomti Nagar expansion or Shaheed route (that is the official term), unless there are financial limits. The value of a studio condominium in this area is easily 1.5 times that of a comparable unit in the second great residential neighborhood. Although it is a relatively recent construction, the area is being considered for transit and lodging by vintage Lucknowites.

The question is, why is there such a hurry to buy property in this area? To arrive at a solution, we must consider a variety of aspects. The Shaheed walkway connects Gomti Nagar expansion to the airport and train station, providing excellent connectivity. The second point to consider is the amenities available in the area. There may be no other destination that compares to this one in terms of entertainment centers or shopping. The phoenix metropolis mall, the largest and newest mall in the area, is located right here, and it includes a gaming area and a multiplex. There are several sporting facilities, including the Ekana cricket stadium, which is a world-class cricket venue. There are several colleges in the area as well.

Another reason why this area is becoming the most sought-after vacation place for homebuyers is the availability of the most cutting-edge condominium complexes from the town’s finest developers. Whether it’s one of the best developers in UP, Paarth Infrabuild, or far-flung north India-based entirely builders like Ansal or Omaxe, the houses on offer right here contain the most cutting-edge amenities.

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