All about the Surat Urban Development Authority (SUDA).

Surat Urban Development Authority (SUDA) is the city of Surat’s urban planning and development organisation in the Indian state of Gujarat. The state government established the SUDA under Section 22(1) of the Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act of 1976. The SUDA was established on January 31, 1978.

SUDA authority

SUDA’s authority spans 722 square kilometres, including the SMC (Surat Municipal Corporation) and 195 villages surrounding the SMC. The major goals of the SUDA are the planning document and the TP Scheme in urban areas. The Chairman of the Authority is selected by the state government.

SUDA: Services provided

Citizens can visit the SUDA portal at to learn about the Authority’s different initiatives and to make use of the online services provided by the Surat Urban Development Authority.

Surat 2035 Development Plan

According to the state administration’s news statement, around 850 hectares of the property will be made accessible for development. After levelling the terrain on both sides of the one-kilometre-long portion of National Highway 48 between Kamrej and Palasana in the Surat district, a total of 50 square kilometres of land will be made available for residential and business development.

The permission will also help projects like the Kamrej-Palsana bullet train and metro railway, as well as the Antroli high-speed corridor, which are present in the pipeline. Moreover, the proposed rapid industrialization corridor, which is envisaged in the Surat city development plan for the Hazira area, would considerably promote well-planned industrial development.

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