All you need to know about Sports Township

The development of sports townships in India has been sparked by the demand for an inclusive residential community with sports facilities. But how do such townships differ from more traditional housing programs, and what services do they provide prospective homeowners?

Due to the increased security and amenities, homebuyers are increasingly choosing society dwellings over single-owner circles of relatives’ homes. The existence of dedicated sports grounds at some of the services is a common pleasure among millennial homebuyers. The preferences range from the want to maintain a healthy lifestyle to the desire to avoid having to travel for it. As a result, modern developers are experimenting with how real estate societies are structured, with sports townships being one of the results. These townships are typically built on the outskirts of cities because of the easy availability of land and the expanding infrastructure there. 

Exactly what does a Sports Township mean?

A sports township is a community or group of societies that are entirely centered around a sporting activity and that support physical activity in one or more sports. Examples of special services in such ventures are golf publications, swimming pools, cricket grounds, horse-driving arenas, squash courts, and tennis courts. Several of the developing real estate projects also provide coverage for training programs and education academies for cricket, golf, and other sports.

Depending on the geography and subject, the amenities and services offered in sports townships may also vary. The most commonplace ones are skating rinks, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and indoor sports arenas. Athletes are another tool some builders use to promote their projects.

Rental costs for homes are often lower in Sports Township than in a typical community across the nation. A large number of facilities and services provided by sports townships contribute to the property’s costs. The starting rent in Sector 79 of Noida’s Gaur Sports Wood is around Rs 1.5 crore. On the other hand, the typical “ask” for a modern residential rental in Sector 79 in Noida is between Rs. 80 lakh and Rs. 1 crore.

In Akshaya Nagar, Bangalore, a 2 BHK residential rental in DLF Westend Heights costs about Rs. 75 lakh on average. However, the starting price for a 2 BHK modern residential rental in Akshaya Nagar, Bangalore, is Rs 40 lakh. The success of any topic-based township is assessed by how well it maintains itself after ownership. Numerous facilities, such as swimming pools and golf courses, require regular renovations and inspections. Better preservation costs for residents are the result of this. Therefore, before purchasing a rental in such an enhancement. It is wise to look into if the services provided are necessary and up to code.

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