All you need to know Ahmedabad Metro!

On September 30, 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate Phase-I of the Ahmedabad Metro. While the 6.5-kilometer metro route is currently in service, phase 1’s ultimate stretch of the Ahmedabad Metro would go 21 km to connect Thaltej Apparel Park. Ahmedabad Metro, according to media sources, is the outcome of 910 lakh man days.

Under the provisions of the Companies Act of 1956, the Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC) Limited is developing the Ahmedabad Metro. GMRC, which was founded in February 2010, was reorganized as a 50:50 special purpose vehicle (SPV) of the governments of India and Gujarat. The Ahmedabad Metro rail project was created to provide a fast, affordable, and safe means of shipping. The Ahmedabad Metro is a quick means of transportation between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

The Ahmedabad Metro, the twelfth metro in India, would let the city develop in a planned manner as it integrates with many forms of transportation, including the Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service (AMTS), Ahmedabad BRTS, railroads, etc. With careful planning, the Ahmedabad Metro requires little land acquisition. Most of the rails along the Ahmedabad Metro route have been raised using contemporary technology.

In 2010, the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board concluded a thorough investigation with the RITES and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. The Ahmedabad Metro project was, however, delayed due to financial and viability concerns.

The Ahmedabad Metro is divided into two parts, Phase 1 and Phase 2, which link the city’s four directions. The Ahmedabad Metro stations comply with the National Building Code (NBC) and have tactile paths, low-height price tag counters, railings, braille name buttons, wheelchairs, and restrooms. Also, CCTV cameras have been placed in every metro station in Ahmedabad.

For the East-West Corridor, the estimated cost of completion, including essential taxes and the land charge, is Rs 6,681 crores. For the North-South Corridor, the estimated cost of completion, including essential taxes and the land charge, is Rs 3,994 crores. The total cost of manufacture is around Rs 10,773 crores, with a hobby at some stage in the production process of Rs 98 crores.

At 10 am, the first Ahmedabad Metro provider starts operating, and it ends at 6 pm. Between Apparel Park and Vastral Gam, the Ahmedabad Metro takes 12 minutes and 53 seconds to complete its route. The Ahmedabad Metro takes 12 minutes and 22 seconds to go between Vastral Gam and Apparel Park. There are 20 minutes between two successive Ahmedabad Metro teaching programs.

Ticket costs for the brand-new Phase-1 segment range from Rs 5 to Rs 25, depending on the distance traveled. The operating segment fare for the Ahmedabad Metro ranges between Rs 5 and Rs 10. To compare rates between metro stations, use the fare calculator at To view your Ahmedabad Metro fare, choose the “from” station and “to” station from the drop-down menus, and then click “show fare”.

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