Best Vastu dates to start house construction in 2022

If there is one thing about people that don’t change, regardless of their faith or beliefs, it is that they wait for an auspicious and precise period (Shubha Muhurata) to start something, preceded by worshipping the gods and requesting them to bless the undertaking through prayer ceremonies (Pooja). Hinduism then collapses in one equal line. No longer is even an unmarried stone about to begin without the chosen ritual.

The Muhurat for these rites always coincides with a certain period. Although you may go to a Pandit to have a personalized time and date, certain websites provide the dates for these ceremonies throughout the entire year. According to the Hindu calendar, three of the four months (Mass) of the year are rumored to be avoided at all costs when it comes to construction. Every one of the four months is said to bring wealth, joy, and success to people. The Western calendar’s neighboring months line up with the ones inside the Hindu calendar.

Months for Consideration

  • Phalgun (March-April)
  • Bhadrapad (August-September) 
  • Vaisakh (April-May)
  • Ashwin (September-October)
  • Krishna Mass (October-November) 
  • Paush (December-January)
  • Magh (January–February)

Bhoomi Pooja is the pooja performed before any sort of painting that is permissible on land, whether it be for agricultural purposes or construction-related purposes. It is a very necessary ritual because, according to Hindu mythology, excavating or constructing on land drives off insects and other creatures that live there. The Bhumi Pujan is therefore considered important for releasing oneself from curses and negative energies. Additionally, it is carried out by farmers as a way of showing appreciation to the soil for providing vegetation.

The nakshatras are used to determine the muhurats, which are organized according to the Vedic Annual Calendar. The special dates for Bhoomi Pooja in the months of 2022 are as follows, without getting into great detail:

Feb 111421

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