Bonds to minimize noise pollution by Mumbai builders


According to Mumbai police commissioner Sanjay Pandey’s declaration on Tuesday, developers would be required to post bonds to ensure that noise pollution levels at city-owned construction sites do not exceed certain limits and hours.

He discovered that based only on the replies he has received, Mumbai people consider noise pollution to be a serious issue during a discussion organized by the Mumbai Press Club. As a result, Pandey warned that police may be looking for pledges of proper behavior from developers under the Code of Criminal Procedure to ensure that noise levels at construction sites do not exceed 65 decibels and do not increase past permitted hours. Following his appointment as the city’s top officer earlier this month, Pandey addressed his first press conference.

According to Pandey, when he posted his contact information on social media and asked for feedback on how to improve police, he expected to hear about crime and the threat presented by gangsters, but to his surprise, he discovered that people were more concerned about noise pollution.

Pandey stated that he also met with representatives from the CREDAI-MCHI development enterprise alternative firms. According to the commissioner, a builder in suburban Matunga was recently punished under the Mumbai Police Act for working on construction till 1 a.m. late at night.

According to Pandey, the cost of this type of bond should be in the tens of thousands of rupees. “There’s a section underneath the CrPC that says you have to provide a bond (below positive circumstances) and you have to grant it so you won’t do it again,” he explained. 

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