Myths regarding coworking spaces debunked

Co-working facilities have emerged as the go-to alternative for many organizations and companies, providing more cheap work options with decent facilities. However, there are certain fallacies about modern office spaces that need to be debunked in order to provide a unique outlook on your job in the present and future.

India’s top three cities for purchasing a retirement house

According to the 2021 population census, there are approximately 138 million senior persons in India, accounting for more than 10% of the population. By 2031, the population is predicted to increase by over 56 million to about 194 million, accounting for more than 13 percent of the demography. On the other side, as the youth […]

In Mumbai, luxury property purchases have increased significantly.

The ultra-elite segment of Indian investors is placing large bets on luxury residences in Mumbai. Following the purchase of a Rs 119 crore quadruplex in Bandstand, Bandra by Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh, founder Zishaan Hayath and former Director of Angel Broking have both invested in luxury properties worth Rs 41 crore and Rs 50 […]

In Maharashtra, fire evacuation elevators are required in high-rise structures.

Developers in Maharashtra will now be required to construct fire evacuation lifts (FEL) in high-rise structures of 70 metres (about 22 storeys) or above. The Maharashtra Government’s Energy Department has published a directive declaring it compulsory. This is in response to a statement made by BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation in 2018.

Child-centered families promote children’s overall development.

For a long time, Indian real estate has adopted theme-based developments such as nature-inspired residences and sports-themed townships, among others. Child-centric houses are the new ‘kid on the block,’ with developments offering apartments particularly intended for young couples with children. The unique selling point of these projects is the abundance of facilities geared at providing […]

Facts to keep in mind when canceling an apartment reservation

The downturn in the real estate market has caused many investors and purchasers to revaluate their consumer choices. People frequently book an apartment but are not able to complete the purchase owing to unforeseen circumstances. According to property consultants, although the majority of cancellations are the result of purchasers evaluating their financial situation, another typical […]

Delhi government intends to recommence the development of EWS apartments.

The Delhi government plans to restart the building of 16,000 low-income housing units. It has also recommended repairing around 18,000 semi-built apartments that are in disrepair. Previously, the Delhi State Industries and Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC) had launched the scheme to build flats for the lower-income group under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission […]

Ready Reckoner Rates in Mumbai, 2022!

Ready Reckoner (RR) Rate is the lowest rate of property transactions notified by the sub-registrar office of a government. RR Rate is also known as Circle Rate in many states. It is nearly impossible to sell a property for less than the RR rate in Maharashtra. Ready reckoner rates help people figure out the minimum […]

Things you need to keep in mind before buying Gram Panchayat Land

Despite All the benefits offered by community living, property buyers still like the idea of having an independent home on a parcel of land that they call their own. As the cities are saturated, this has become nearly impossible in cities. So, most buyers turn to the outskirts of the cities to fulfill their desire […]

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