Children’s themed homes are becoming increasingly popular in India.


What exactly are kid-friendly houses?: Kid-centric houses are built with the growth and development of children in mind. Child-centric houses are housing communities that focus on fostering children. The notion of children-themed houses is mostly built on collaborations with kid-friendly businesses such as Disney to provide household items such as furnishings, paints, dinnerware, and equipment. Well-known builders including Supertech and Prestige Group have collaborated with Disney to create themed residential complexes around the country. These houses have Disney-themed décor and furniture. Prestige Group has Hillside Gateway in Kochi, whilst Supertech has Fable Castle in Gurgaon.

Facilities available in child-centred households

Homes have a crucial influence on children’s early development. The first school is widely termed as home. It’s indeed correct that many skills are introduced to us at home before we start school. Nowadays, these kid-friendly programmes exist solely to facilitate such development. Developers incorporate a variety of amenities into their facilities to allow children to select activities that stimulate their interests and polish their natural abilities. Some distinguishing characteristics of such children-themed initiatives include:

  • Security and safety

The interior design of child-centric houses is altered to offer the best possible safety for children by nerfing up the surroundings. Curved edges, tall grills on balconies, kid switches, headlamps, and barriers in accident-prone places are some design aspects.

  • Multiple sports and recreational activities

World-class facilities such as community centres, education hubs, and co-curricular activity centres foster friendliness and collaboration while also improving children’s intellectual skills. There are also go-kart courses, swimming pools, and martial arts groups to keep the kids entertained.

  • Preschool Development

Youngsters-friendly houses teach children how to welcome others, maintain table etiquette, begin speaking, and even participate in reading activities in a joyful and pleasurable environment. This is accomplished through a network of experienced coaches, educators, and trainers who work with parents to help their children grow holistically outside of school hours.

  • Vibrant social life

These programmes organise anti-drug or anti-alcohol initiatives on a regular basis, as well as seminars to promote eco-friendly behaviours in everyday life and during the holiday season.

  • From an early age, a sense of autonomy

Children’s-themed houses instil independence in children from an early age. In the case of single-family houses, we often take our children to different activities such as music courses, piano lessons, tennis practise, or cricket training, among others.

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