CIDCO has commenced work on 3 of 11 NAINA town planning schemes


On 22nd November 2010, for the establishment of the International airport in Navi Mumbai, the Ministry of Environmental & Forest (MoEF), Government Of India had accorded CRZ and environmental clearance. Along with the according, came a few conditions. One of them was that the development plan of Navi Mumbai must be revised and designed according to the airport development one. This was done to avoid any haphazard growth of real estate around the area.

After these conditions, it was essential for CIDCO, the town planning scheme of Navi Mumbai to take action for developing the suitable plan. This was supposed to be done in regards to the principles of urban planning and development and the protection of the environment within the proposed zone of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA)

To assess the influence zone, the provisions of AAI (Airport Authority of India), operations of the planning authority within the MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region), and the requirements of the international airport while keeping the metropolis concept in mind have all been considered.

Based on all these aspects, an area where there exists no special planning authority, falls within 25km distance of the airport, and has good connectivity, has been selected. 

In order to regulate and develop the IZ (Influence Zone), it was essential to designate a planning authority to prepare an exclusive action plan and make a transportation network that avoids congestion and lessens travel time. However, it was necessary that an independent and dedicated planning authority take charge of this whole operation as the scope of work involved here was too much for the GoM to handle. Leading to this, CIDCO was appointed as the Special Planning Authority (SPA) for the area known as Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area (NAINA). 

Now, according to recent news from the CIDCO officials, the implementation of the project NAINA over 371 sq km of land is moving at a fast pace and the work for 3 out of 11 town planning schemes has started.

The consent letters from the owners who are a part of the town planning schemes 4 to 11 are expected as soon as possible. The work under NAINA covers a total of 175 villages in the Raigad district. 23 of these villages are also getting 11 town planning schemes implemented in them.

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