Definition, calculation, inclusion, and exclusion in the plinth area

Plinth area is among the phrases used to describe the size of a residential or commercial property. Every prospective home buyer’s should have a thorough understanding of the plinth area.

Plinth area has a specific definition

The plinth area is defined by the Indian Standard (IS) 3861-2002 as “the constructed covered area calculated at the floor level of the basement or of any storey.” The plinth area is normally 10%-20% larger than the carpet area of a house and is widely used to measure the length of flats and apartments. The carpet area, as per IS 3861-2002, is the floor area of usable rooms.

The area of the plinth is measured

Various methods for determining plinth and carpet areas have been used in India prior to the implementation of IS in 1966. The plinth area, as per IS, is the built-up covered areas, which encompasses the areas described in the following sections.

Carpet area + wall area + lift, shaft apertures, etc. Plinth area = carpet area + wall area + lift, shaft openings, etc.

What is included in the plinth area?
  1. Excluding plinth offsets, the area of a wall at floor level.
  2. Shafts for sanitary, water supply, garbage chute, telecommunications, electrical, firefighting, air conditioning, and elevator systems.
  3. Staircase.
  4. Open verandah with protection.
  5. The balcony is shielded by the projection.
What is not included in the plinth area?
  1. Loft’s area.
  2. Architectural band, cornice, and so forth.
  3. Vertical sun breaker or box louver projection area, as well as other architectural characteristics such as slab projection for flowerpots, etc.
  4. Terrace.
  5. Machine rooms, towers, turrets, and domes extending above terrace level; and Open spiral/service staircases.

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