Everything to know about NBB Workers City, Mojubaat Hameem, Dubai

NBB Employees City Mojumaat Hameem is a residential neighborhood for workers in the private and public sectors.

It covers 122,500 square meters and is made up of labor camps and warehouses. The location is located 60 kilometers west of Abu Dhabi, along Hameem Road. The Abu Dhabi Municipality has authorized this project, which may house up to 30,000 workers.

NBB Workers City, also known as Hameem Labour City, is a self-contained community with supermarkets, religious institutions, shopping malls, and restaurants within easy reach. The infrastructure of this community is developed with inhabitants’ wants and requirements in mind, resulting in a well-established city with all of the necessary infrastructures.

Price Trends

Residential structures, commercial buildings, and service buildings make up the properties in NBB Workers City. Laborers’ block and supervisors’ block make up the residential section.

There are 16 residential buildings for the workers. Each structure is three stories tall and includes a total of 2,304 rooms. The floors are divided into four wings, each with 12 rooms. Each room is around 320 square feet. The rooms, however, do not have bathrooms or cooking spaces. Multiple showers, toilets, electric rooms, and one rubbish room are located in a communal central space. These amenities are available to the workers. A single room may hold up to ten people.

Social Amenities

The neighborhood is served by three supermarkets. Many freshly baked delicacies, fresh fruits, and vegetables that arrive every couple of days in the city, as well as all the food basics, are all available. Parco Hypermarket, Al Madina Hypermarket, and Emirates General Market at Al Dhafra Mall are among these supermarkets.NBB Workers city is unlikely to have any schools because the region is dedicated to housing working-class people. The schools are located in the central emirate, with GEMS Cambridge International School being the closest to the region at around a 25-minute drive. There are two NBB Workers City clinics in the region. Residents may visit Right Health Expert Medical Clinic and Right Health Tabibak Medical Clinic at NBB Workers City.

Leisure Activities

The city’s center is home to the city’s most prominent tourist attractions. The Sheikh Zayed Heritage Centre, Wathba Wetland Reserve, and Fossil Dunes Abu Dhabi are the nearest ones to Labour City. On the bottom level of the residential complex, there is a recreational space with playgrounds dedicated to various activities such as football, handball, basketball, and others. In addition, Muhammed Bin Zayed City Park is about 24 minutes away from the region. You may engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as running, cycling, and having a little picnic in the open spaces, as well as host small BBQ parties.

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