For Today’s Homebuyers, RTMI Homes Are A Viable Investment Opportunity


Residential real estate has been reinforced as the healthiest asset type to invest in due of sustained customer demand throughout the pandemic.

Above all, home purchasers showed a strong preference for buying ready-to-move-in properties (RTMI homes). In comparison to under-construction flats, interest for finished residential buildings is increasing, as shown in a recent PropTiger survey. In 2020, the proportion of RTMI homes sold in overall housing sales increased to 21% from 18% the previous year. In the calendar year 2020, 1,82,640 units were sold, with RTMI accounting for 21% of the total. With the rise of the hybrid-work model, owning a home has become increasingly important.

Positive consumer optimism, low home loan rates, and an expansion in employment in the IT/ITeS industry have all contributed to this continued demand. It has contributed to strong demand for residential real estate, notably villas, villaments, planned and interconnected complexes, expressing consumer desires for society, neighbourhood, wide layout, facilities, and amenities. The demand for luxury RTMI residences, on the other hand, has been consistent year-round. This demand is centered on RTMI homes from reputable developers, which minimizes possession delays. HNIs and UHNIs who self-finance their purchases and are less reliant on house loans boost demand in the luxury property market, not just because of good offers.

The residential real estate market will likely to see the development of new market demands as the globe adapts to the ever-changing new baseline. Developers have shifted to RTMI luxury residences that respond to modern consumers’ worldwide lives, thanks to the developing consumer trend towards high-end constructions that give areas for live-work-play, encouraged by the pandemic.

Investing in RTMI properties has a significant advantage for property purchasers

Given the impact of international and macroeconomic issues on the sector, there can be concerns when engaging in long-term projects, like inadequate project completion and deliveries. Because of the lack of delay in obtaining ownership, RTMI properties have traditionally been among the safest bets. Moreover, developers are required to inform house owners with an expected time of arrival following the introduction of the RERA Act.

Home buyers who choose an RTMI home have the advantage of seeing the finished product prior deciding to buy. Unknowns regarding building quality, floorspace and height, landscapes from the apartment, and other available facilities are removed, keeping the purchasing transition easier. When purchasing RTMI homes, there are no EMIs or additional costs associated with bank loans. They also have the added benefit of generating immediate dividends by renting them off. On flat purchases, all RTMI homes are exempt from GST. As a result, buyers will save on the 5% GST, that is only applied on under-construction buildings. Lastly, unlike under-construction houses, RTMI homes provide buyers with immediate tax savings when taking out home loans.

Home buyer patterns according to RTMI

Consumer habits altered drastically from renting to home ownership throughout the epidemic. Home buyers have shown a preference for branded developers those with a proven track record of success. This is true including for properties that are still under development.

The Covid-19 epidemic has forced project planners to reconsider their plans. The ‘new normal’ necessitates homes that are environmentally conscious, long-lasting, and future-proof. Turnkey homes, low-density spaces, managed apartments, and concierge services will be among the facilities and characteristics that home buyers will seek out. Due to shifting customer expectations, RTMI luxury products with no service disruptions will continue to attract house buyers, allowing for hassle-free living.

Throughout India, the real estate sector is now working diligently toward a route that includes equal creativity and the goal of developing a consistent business plan. A buyer’s experience of a home is no longer restricted to the interior appearance and feel, but also includes how the project is designed, built, and managed. Home purchasers will invest in homes which appeal to the interests of people of all ages in the coming years, making the ideal home more than just an investment.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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