In Lucknow, incorrect property tax self-assessment will result in penalties.


The Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has warned that inaccurate information entered into the property tax self-assessment software would result in a warning. The offender will be penalised four times the gap between the current property tax and the amount paid. LMC’s self-assessment programme, designed to eliminate the misconduct, is set to be released shortly. The programme would track property-related data in a jurisdiction and help buyers to compute and pay property and commercial taxes online. They will be expected to complete a self-assessment form, that will be reviewed by the local revenue officer.

“The determination to impose a penalty has been decided after reflecting on the elements of the self-assessment software,” says Ashok Singh, Chief Taxation Officer, LMC. Its purpose is to deter users from entering false information and creating an improper tax amount.”

According to Indrajit Singh, Commissioner of the Lucknow Municipal Corporation, “the goal of the programme is to minimise human interaction.” Because it will be an automated system, we are conducting intensive testing to avoid technological issues when it is released to the public.”

The programme will be connected to the LMC website, wherein candidates will complete out personal and property facts such as the location, position, and accessible documents, among other things. These specifics will be used to calculate property taxes, providing transparency to the system.

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