Know the exact location and posture of a Buddha statue for your home according to Vastu.

Placing a Buddha statue in your home may bring you mental well-being and calm, according to Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. Notably, each Buddha idol has its own set of characteristics and installation places. The statue is available in clay, metal, and stone. You can purchase clay or stone figurines if you have a steady hand with fragile materials. Here’s a handbook that goes into the finer points.

Installing a Buddha statue is not only a must-have for interior design, but it is also seen as a step toward providing inner serenity to all family members. It also brings peace, tranquillity, joy, and happiness into everyone’s life. Putting various types of Buddha statues in your home has multiple benefits according to Feng Shui and Vastu concepts. Let us investigate these:

The Advantages of Keeping a Buddha Statue in Your Home

Gautam Buddha embodies inner calm, enlightenment, and balance. The statue that has been put to the house décor represents the bringers of knowledge, good fortune, luck, and wealth. Its advantages include:

  • Family members’ psychological health has improved.
  • Inside the house, there is a constant flow of positive energy.
  • Creating and sustaining harmony
  • When positioned correctly, an invitation to a good life energy.

Home Buddha Statue Dos and Don’ts of Vastu

  • Place no Buddha idols on the floor or inside lockers.
  • Place it on a small mat or a stone block.
  • Always place the Buddha statue at or above eye level.
  • Maintain a clean environment.
  • It is a healthy practise to burn incense sticks on a regular basis.
  • Keep Buddha sculptures out of the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

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