Know the laws and circumstances before purchasing property in the name of a minor


A property transaction is only feasible if the buyer is over the age of 18. He is required to sign the contract and deeds. According to the Indian Majority Act of 1875 and the Indian Contract Act of 1872, a minor under the age of 18 is not permitted to sign any instrument relating to property transactions. It can only be done when a guardian or parent legally responsible for the child is permitted to sign.

When may a minor acquire ownership?

A minor can only become the owner of a property if it is donated to him, pursuant to the Transfer of Property Act of 1882. Guardians or parents will be unable to interfere in this situation. In this scenario, a minor can sign a gift deed as a donee.

Minors are not permitted to sign contracts or deeds under the Registration Act of 1908. To become legally capable of signing a contract and becoming the owner of property, a juvenile must attain the age of 18.

Can a minor purchase real estate?

Purchasing property under a minor’s name is only possible when delivered as a gift.

Although the youngster will be the legal owner of the donated property, he will not be eligible or obligated to maintain it. When he is proficient enough, he will be able to take over and manage the property on his own.

A minor can also acquire immovable assets in his name by using his finances. In this regard, the minor’s guardians or parents will sign the sales deed, agreement, or any other applicable document. The guardian and/or parents who sign the deed must retain the greatest level of religion and ethics.

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