MHADA: Cluster rehabilitation is now required for all MHADA layouts across Maharashtra

MUMBAI: All Mhada layouts in Mumbai, the Konkan, Nashik, and Pune must now undergo cluster redevelopment. The state housing division published a GR on Thursday prohibiting the issuance of no objection certificates for the rehabilitation of independent structures built by Mhada.

“As the federal government considers cluster redevelopment, it has received ideas for freestanding structures.” Such rehabilitation of a single building does not allow for proper planning or the installation of civic infrastructure. As a result, the federal government has chosen cluster redevelopment,” according to the GR. “From now on, only cluster redevelopment efforts will be sanctioned,” he said.

Resilient to enhance metropolitan infrastructure without composite development: Min

A state government decision (GR) requiring cluster redevelopment in Mhada layouts, announced on Thursday, specifies that redevelopment of a single Mhada building is only permitted in exceptional situations.

One such concept would require prior clearance from the federal government before being approved by Mhada. The GR cautions that violating the new regulation would result in harsh action against Mhada officials.

State housing minister Jitendra Awhad claimed that Mumbai desperately needs cluster redevelopment to kick off in a big way. “If we do not pursue composite expansion in regions of 5-10 acres, it will be difficult to expand the town’s infrastructure, including roads, drainage, sewage, and utilities. “We’re expanding this GR to cover all of Maharashtra where Mhada has land and has built houses,” he said.

Awhad cited Kannamwar Nagar in Vikhroli and Vartak Nagar in Thane (both Mhada layouts) as primary instances of the dangers of allowing single-building redevelopment.

“All of the buildings along Main Street have been renovated and replaced with skyscrapers.” There are no takers for the buildings distant from the main roadway. “It’s critical to opt for cluster in large layouts,” he said.

The federal government has already decided to allow builders who are carrying out cluster rehabilitation of Mhada layouts to pay the stamp duty in instalments until the final possession documents are granted.

When asked whether Mhada designs would now be considered for renovation, Awhad indicated that some revenue issues needed to be resolved. “Additional readability is still desired, but we aim to complete it soon,” he said.

Source: TOI

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