Everything About the Rent Control Act of Maharashtra

The Act regulates the leasing of residential properties, and each State has its version. In Maharashtra, the new Act (Maharashtra Rent Control Act 1999) has introduced several modifications to the existing Act, making it applicable throughout the State.

All about MIDC water bill?

In the industrial landscape of India, the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) plays a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and infrastructure development. One crucial aspect that industries operating within MIDC must navigate is the MIDC water bill. This article aims to provide Indian readers with a comprehensive understanding of MIDC water bills, exploring the […]

The Monsoon Magic: Discover Maharashtra’s Best Rainy Season Getaways

Maharashtra, located in western India, offers a diverse range of landscapes and experiences that are even more enchanting during the rainy season. The state is blessed with numerous hill stations, lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls, and scenic coastal regions that come alive during monsoon. If you’re planning to visit Maharashtra during the rainy season, here […]

News: Maharashtra apartment owners will soon receive vertical property cards

It is anticipated that the draught for awarding vertical assets playing cards to apartment owners of Maha RERA-registered projects would shortly receive approval from the royal government. “The issue was discussed to the degree of the sales minister, and the proposal has to be approved quickly. The policies may be released later, according to a […]

News: By 2028, Maharashtra Will Have A Ring Routed Expressway Highway Network.

According to a ToI assessment, Maharashtra may be the first state in India to have a ring routed expressway highway network with continuous road connection on all sides by 2028.

Nagpur Metro: Everything You Need to Know

Nagpur Metro: Project Specifications The Nagpur Metro is being built in two stages. Phase I, which is only partially functional, encompasses four sides of the city and is divided into two hallways: north-south and east-west. Phase II, on the other hand, is now under development and intends to serve rural areas of the city so […]

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar: Mahabaleshwar is renowned for being one of the best locations in Maharashtra for couples on their honeymoon. It offers untouched plateaus of beauty with rocky mountains and forts in the background. It is all too beautiful to take in, especially during the months with chilly weather. Visit the strawberry gardens and be surprised to […]

Essentials guide for self-redevelopment in Maharashtra

Delays in project delivery and a lack of confidence in developers have forced several Maharashtra housing societies to opt for self-development. There are approximately 16,000 decaying co-operative housing societies in Mumbai exclusively, with over 750 opting for self-redevelopment. Whereas the self-revamping approach ensures time-bound, cost-controlled, and predictable results as society members accept responsibility for the […]

How can I pay the Vasai-Virar VVMC property tax?

The Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation’s (VVMC) internet site provides a platform where people may pay their property taxes quickly. Furthermore, it may be used with the help of consumers to publish various provider demands. The Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVMC) levies a tax on all immovable properties within its jurisdiction. Every year, the […]

In the Bombay Tenancy Act, what are Navi Sharat and Juni Sharat?

Considering land is a state topic, state laws govern all legislation, regulations, and laws concerning land transfer, conversion, and other procedures. Agricultural land conversions in Maharashtra are governed by the Bombay Tenancy Act, which allows tenement or leasehold ownership (Navi Sharat) to be changed to outright ownership (Juni Sharat).

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