Posh societies in Dehradun to live in 2022

Indra Nagar 

Near Seemadwar in Dehradun, there is a posh neighborhood called Indra Nagar. Even though a market may be fairly well-known there, the streets are kept exceptionally clean and orderly. The nearby, only five kilometers distant railway station is well connected to Indra Nagar. Indra Nagar is one of the best residential areas (posh regions) in Dehradun for those who need to escape the hustle and bustle of city life since it offers a calm and picturesque perspective in addition to all of the community’s facilities.

Dharampur Nehru Colony

The Nehru Colony, which is situated near Fuwara Chowk in Dehradun, is another rich neighborhood. One of the most ideal and upscale places to stay in Dehradun is the Himalayan Institute of Technology, which is located inside the area. In addition to being close to ISBT (7.2 km) and the closest train station, Dehradun Railway Station, Lakkhi Bagh, Nehru Colony is connected to Tyagi Road (2.9 km). In a nutshell, the website acts as a focus point. The District and Circuit Court, which is located nearby and is only a few miles away, is also close by. The Nehru colony’s broad roadways connect the neighborhood to the city’s leisure areas.

Chakrata Road

A well-known neighborhood in Dehradun Chakrata Road is a well-known area in Dehradun with several contemporary and upcoming residential developments. The typical property fee for a three-bedroom home of this type ranges from Rs 28 lac to Rs 75 lac. The rent ranges from Rs. 8,500 to Rs. 10,000 for a three-bedroom rental. Neighborhoods in Dehradun that are close to Chakrata Road include Kanwali Road and Rajendra Nagar.

Vasant Vihar

Vasant Vihar, a beautiful residential area and affluent suburb of Dehradun, is regarded as one of the most beautiful residential areas and is surrounded by greenery. It is by far the best residential area in Dehradun because of the well-maintained infrastructure and the corresponding safety. It is situated not far from Sethi Market. Given the expense of possessions, the neighborhood prefers a mix of homes suitable for middle- and upper-class residents. Thirty kilometers from the airport and five kilometers from the train station, Vasant Vihar is ready.

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