Price of MHADA Konkan’s Balkum Housing Scheme apartments has risen by 40%.


The MHADA Konkan board has raised the price of readymade houses in Balkum, Thane that were part of the MHADA lottery 2018 by up to Rs 16 lakh for lottery winners. There were 197 homes in the Balkum housing complex. In addition to the 125 lottery winners, 69 special scheme recipients were also included in the MHADA lottery 2018.

According to estimates, the cost of flats have risen by around 40%. While an apartment of roughly 721.83 sq ft cost Rs 43,45,236 in 2018, it currently costs around Rs 59,74,800.

MHADA clarified that the cost of the apartments has increased due to increases in metro cess, parking, water duct load, and so on. Navbharat reports that Konkan MHADA has paid approximately Rs 32,10, 24,397 for water, metro cess, and parking in the Balkum housing complex. The project’s parking spend approx. to Rs 19,41, 54,775. In its advertising, MHADA also said that the parking costs for this plan would be met by the recipients.

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