Everything you need to know about the Societies Registration Act

The Societies Registration Act of 1860 established legal status for organizations fostering poetry, art, science, and charitable events. But changes and instructions made by the Union Territory (UT) and states have authorised the creation of RWAs under the abovementioned laws. This blog examines the legal criteria for founding and registering a society in India.

Everything You Need to Know About Letters of Credit (LC)

Letters of Credit (LC) are payment instruments used in international commerce to give financial assurance from a creditworthy bank to an exporter. Letters of credit mitigate expenses in international commerce transactions when the buyer and seller are acquainted with each other. Your organisation can only settle for items when the seller produces proof of shipment […]

Know the differences between Caveat Petition and Legal Notice

What is a Caveat petition A caveat petition is a criminal notice filed with the judge by an engagement party to protect their interests in a specific case. The petition is a method to prevent another party from taking any action in a be counted without first giving notice to the relevant party. It can […]

Prima facie: Definition and application in a court of law

What exactly is prima facie? Prima facie is a Latin term that means “at first sight,” “at first glance,” or “on first impression.” It has become commonplace in legal proceedings and implies that things are true unless proven differently. In civil and criminal law, the word means that a legal claim has substantial proof to […]

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