Rain-Proof Your Roof: A Comprehensive Guide to Roof Protection!

Your roof is one of the most critical components of your home’s structure, and protecting it from rain is vital to ensure its longevity and your family’s safety. Rainwater can cause extensive damage if proper measures are not taken. In this blog, we will explore essential tips and solutions to safeguard your roof from the […]

Preserving Your Walls: Preventing Water Seepage with Proactive Measures!

Here are some ways to prevent water seepage in walls:

Rain-Ready: Top 5 Checks to Safeguard Your Well-being during the Monsoon!

Here are the top 5 checks to enjoy a safe monsoon:

The Monsoon Magic: Discover Maharashtra’s Best Rainy Season Getaways

Maharashtra, located in western India, offers a diverse range of landscapes and experiences that are even more enchanting during the rainy season. The state is blessed with numerous hill stations, lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls, and scenic coastal regions that come alive during monsoon. If you’re planning to visit Maharashtra during the rainy season, here […]

Prepare your home for the monsoon

The monsoon season evokes both joy and melancholy in us. We are relieved to have some relief from India’s scorching summers, but we are also depressed because of the damage caused by heavy and continuous rain. Seepages, electrical short circuits, and structural moisture are just a few of the catastrophic effects caused by the wet […]

Tips to Safeguard Yourself during COVID in Monsoon

Keep your social distance If you’re in critical care or heading out for a few family errands, stay a safe distance from others. The handiest is to greet them with a head nod and a grin. Even if you’re going out to eat during the monsoon, make sure you sit far away from other people.

Tips to save your house interiors before monsoon hits


Rain Rain go away, come again another day. This nursery rhyme might have surely reminded you of your childhood days. But unfortunately those lovely days didn’t remain the same right?  How many of you have already began worrying about the precautions we need to take at our home before monsoon arrives.

Tips to keep your home safe during the monsoons


Along with rainy seasons comes pleasant weather. The feeling you get when you see the raindrops touch the dry earth is indescribable. The smell of fresh mud after it rains will transport you to a new universe. But as every coin has two sides, heavy rains can cause a lot of damage to your building. […]

The Monsoon and COVID-19: precautions to take while visiting a property site


A real estate salesperson would be lucky to have prospective purchasers come to them for purchases during the Coronavirus epidemic. As a result, real estate consultants should make the extra effort to ensure that the clients that approach them are treated with care and that all parties involved in the transaction follow the pepper etiquette.

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