Delhi vs Mumbai: Cost of Living & Which City Is Better for You? Your Ultimate Guide!

Mumbai and Delhi, two of India’s largest and most dynamic cities, attract residents from across the country with promises of career opportunities, vibrant cultures, and diverse lifestyles. As individuals consider relocating to either of these metropolitan hubs, understanding the nuances of the cost of living and property prices becomes crucial. In this article, we will […]

Property Prices in India’s IT Clusters are Rising by About 30%

In the past three years, property prices in India’s tech-centric areas such as Bangalore’s Whitefield, Hyderabad’s HiTech city districts such as Gachibowlli, and Pune’s Gondapur, have seen a sharp increase in the value of their residential properties. All three of these areas were at the top of the list of the micro residential markets with […]

Land value increases upto 200% in Telangana

Day after a cabinet sub-committee on useful resource mobilization advocated enhancement of belongings registration values with inside the state, the registration and stamps (R&S) branch is thinking about growing land fees among 20% and 200% over the cutting-edge registration fees.

Price difference of ready and under construction property

As India battles the uncertain times of Covid-19 and fragmented lockdowns, the largely hit real-estate sector observed some major economic changes. This derailment was easily transparent with the lowest ever price difference of 3-5% in ready and under construction property in the Q1 of 2021.

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