Is it possible for NRIs to purchase agricultural land in India? Once for all, laying the debate to rest!

The ability of non-resident Indians (NRIs) to engage in agricultural land is a hot topic of discussion. Are these plots available for purchase? Here’s to putting an end to the squabble once and for all!

All the Real Estate Investing Metrics one should know

There’s more to choosing an investment item than its purchase price and ability rents.

What is better: Real Estate or Stock Market?

If a person has money to invest, the reasonable course of action is to evaluate a variety of financing options and choose the one that offers the best risk for the best return.

Here are all the terms you need to know before Investing in Real Estate


Why should you invest in Tier-II Cities in India?

While metro cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, and the National Capital Region used to drive India’s real estate industry, unaffordable asset costs, high production-related costs, a scarcity of land resources, and consistently declining demand are pressuring real estate buyers and developers to relocate to Tier-II cities instead.

Why you should invest in environment-friendly real estate investment-Vangini?

Vangini is one of the urban areas of India situated in extreme nearness to the city of Mumbai.

Which is the best real estate investment Adibatla or Kokapet?

Adibatla is a sought-after neighborhood in Hyderabad’s southern district. After being named Hyderabad’s future IT, Aerospace, and Defense Hub, real estate demand in this area has skyrocketed.

Bangalore vs. Hyderabad: Which city should you invest in?

Both Hyderabad and Bangalore have a number of characteristics. Certain characteristics, however, aid in distinguishing the two. If you’re thinking about investing in real estate in one of these places, here’s a list of things to think about.

Discover the top-secret residential area to invest in Chennai hideaways

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, provides a wide range of possibilities for Indians. Chennai is often referred to as “The Detroit of India,” as it is home to more than one-third of India’s automobile industry

Why Residential Properties in Kolkata Are Worth Buying?

How about selecting best properties in the land of artists. The land offers not only excellent talent but also the top-notch properties to invest in. If you are confused where to invest, then Kolkata can be the best choice to find your desired location with the best affordable prices. But how to select from a […]

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