Vastu Shastra tips for a rented home

The classic discipline of building, Vastu Shastra, is concerned with enhancing positive energies in a precise area. This obviously applies to both private residences and leased properties. “So when principles of Vastu Shastra are appropriately utilized in the living area, they ensure physical, spiritual, and material well-being.” “Vastu flaws can be remedied by rearranging the rooms, employing harmonizing colors, modifying the arrangement of things, or using regulators and cures.

External Vastu considerations for a rental home

Even if one is only renting a house or apartment for a few months, the external environment plays an important influence. Overall location of the property, including the house/flat and street, is critical.

“External influences have a significant impact on the house’s internal forces. Perhaps your spouse/family members will join you when you visit the rental property to get a sense of how you feel in the space. Examine the ventilation, lighting, and airflow in the house in addition to the energy. The majority of areas in urban centers feature cellular or electrical towers. Locations that are too near to these skyscrapers should be avoided. Eliminate locations near hospitals, cemeteries, or areas with a lot of traffic – in other words, places with a lot of activity. According to Vastu expert Prasanna Narayan of Narayana Vastu Consultants in Bengaluru, “if the environment makes you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, it may not suit your energy rhythms.”

Before you move into a house, there are a few things you should look into

Before renting a home, there are a few things to bear in mind. 

  • “Most significantly, stay away from a house with too many Vastu negatives, such as a bathroom in the north-east, a kitchen in the north-east or south-west zone, or a vacant edge in the north-east or south-west.” According to vastu, the main bedroom should go into the south-west zone.
  • When renting a house or an apartment, attempt to learn about the property’s heritage, such as how rich the former inhabitants were and why they left. “According to on the person’s birth date, the orientation of the entrance gates is significant. Positive quadrants exist, and the main entryway should follow this notion,” Narayan adds. Upon approaching the residence, execute a brief havan to cleanse the environment and rid it of any unwanted energies. It is recommended that you conduct a Ganesh puja, Navagraha Shanti (prayer of the nine planets), and a Vastu puja.
  • Sound waves exist in colours. As a result, choose softer colours for the walls and limit using too much grey or black. Before you move, get the house newly coloured and all damaged lines, faucets, damaged equipment, and cabinets repaired.

Removing Vastu flaws

“To create peace and prosperity, one could employ Vastu harmony murals, yantra, and crystals to rectify Vastu flaws.” Utilize auspicious emblems such as elephants, kuberan crystals, Buddhas, and artwork of water bodies, mountains, or the sun,” says Pramar. Unless you already live in a rented home with Vastu flaws, visit a Vastu expert who can advise you on fixes that do not necessitate changing the area.

There are a few more easy steps that can be taken to enhance the rental area more pleasant. Frequent cleaning of the surfaces using salt water, for instance, can help to purify the area. “Clean the house with incense, dhoop, or aromatic oils to maintain it smelling pleasant. Streaming soft music or mantras also can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. Cultivate a few plants or hang flowers and nice photographs around the house for a boost of positive energy. Dirt, grime, and insects generate bad energy, keeping the area clean. Furthermore, make sure that all of the clocks in the house are in functioning order,” Narayan concludes.

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