What is the market value (or guidance value) of land?

What Is The Market Value Of A Piece Of Land?

The market value of land, also known as the guidance value of a property, is the assessed worth of the land based on state government data. It is also known as the circle rate in some jurisdictions and is the bare minimum at which a property transaction may be recorded with the state government. These records are kept by each state’s Department of Stamps and Registration, which also discloses the guideline values or market value of the properties each year.

Land Market Value Influencing Factors

The following are a few main elements that influence the market value of a land lot.

Property Age: The age of the property and the building in which it is located determines its market value. A newly constructed property generally has a greater market value than an older property.

Property Location: The location of the property is crucial in determining its market value. Even a modest portion of a land parcel created in a wealthy region has a higher market worth than a huge land parcel erected in an undeveloped location.

Construction Quality: The construction quality has an impact on the market value of the land.

How Do You Determine The Market Value Of Land?

Property prices in India continue to rise, particularly in metropolitan areas. The market value of land is established based on a number of criteria. The considerations are the property’s position, size, form, level, and the laws involved. A comparable technique should be used to calculate or estimate the market value of land.

Strategies for Determining the Market Value of Land

Let us examine in detail the various methods for calculating the market value of land:

Belting Method: The belting method is the most commonly used method for determining the market value of property. In this system, property is split into three belts: the belt nearest to the main road is assigned the highest value, the second belt is assigned two-thirds of the price of the first belt, and the third belt is allocated half the price of the first belt.

Land and Building Technique: The value of land and buildings is assessed separately in this method. The two numbers are then combined together, and several elements are considered in order to determine the values.

What You Should Know About Land Market Value

Because Market Values are based on research conducted by the state government and are mostly scientific in nature, they represent the lowest price at which a property in a certain location should be sold. The Guidance Value is the lowest sum for which a property may be registered in a certain location, and hence the property will not be sold for less than the Market Value. This guarantees the vendor a minimum selling price.

Regardless of whether an individual purchases a property for less than the state Government’s Guidance Value, the individual is required to register the property at the Government’s Market Value and pay property taxes determined by market Valuation of the location.

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