Why buying real estate in Dubai is still the greatest option for Indian investors today?


Dubai’s real estate district is growing as policies that prioritize investors attract local and international purchasers. The most recent sales numbers for Dubai real estate in the previous thirteen years was Dh22.7 billion.

The city’s proximity is bankable for several reasons, including high investment and apartment yields, capital expansion, and regulatory restrictions. An example of this is Dubai’s response to the epidemic that brought in extremely wealthy people from all over the world and gave the real estate market a tremendous boost. As Dubai profits from the World Cup in Qatar, the momentum will continue for the upcoming several years.

Indians are among the top three most popular nationalities to purchase property in Dubai since 2004. After receiving funding of at least Dh2 million, a golden visa allows both nationals and non-citizens to apply for residency for 10 years. The average cost per square foot of property of investment quality in Dubai ranges between Dh1,000 and Dh1,500. This is roughly equivalent to Rs20,000 to Rs30,000 every step in India.

Compared to India’s 2 percent, the average return on investment in residential real estate in Dubai is around 5 to 6 percent annually. A well-managed short-term apartment could be a great opportunity to increase value by at least eight to ten percent. Investors traveling to Dubai may also utilize their possessions as a vacation home.

Dubai’s laws also provide equal protection to the owner. If the owner wants to sell the items or utilize them for his or her purposes, they can get rid of the tenant. Indians who consistently make money in their own country are eligible for a loan from Dubai. Additionally, the Indian government permits its residents to repatriate up to $250,000 each year, or roughly Dh900,000. The property might be well worth around Dh1.8 million if it were sold for cash.

The dirham’s strength against the rupee increases by three to four percentage points yearly. As a result of the direct connection between the dollar and the dirham, you effectively receive a de facto appreciation of at least as much for your investment. The Indian rupee was worth 17.50 dirhams to one Indian rupee in July 2017 and 21.50 dirhams to one Indian rupee in July 2022.

This shows a 22.5 percent growth in 5 years. Additionally, it implies that your money would have increased by at least 22.5% annually if you had kept your cash inside the UAE or in a bank. People hurry to send money to India as the dollar increases in value. They believe they are receiving more, but the rupee is losing value. Dubai’s unwavering focus on multi-sectoral financial growth is a surefire way to succeed in the future. Due to recent revisions in the law governing hard labor, it has drawn top talent from around the world and may continue to do so (because it has the bottom company taxes). Other important factors include the absence of annual property taxes, exceptional financial incentives, high rates of return on investments, a good infrastructure, and exceptional hospitality. Due to this, the Emirate is unquestionably a financial haven for Indians looking to break out.

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