Why should you buy a property in Whitefield?

If you’re a working professional and want to live in a well-known IT HubSpot then the best place you could choose is Whitefield situated in Bangalore.

Whitefield is a developed real estate residential locality located in the eastern part of Bangalore. Well, real estate emerged in the 19th century when the IT boom turned into a major hub spot. Today Whitefield is a significant part of the city with the combination of three, residential, commercial as well as business.

Not just that but Whitefield is home to schools, malls, IT companies, schools, and also research centers. This means that it will be very convenient for an individual to work and live in this place enjoying all the facilities.

Let us now see what’s so great about living in Whitefield?

Public Transport & Connectedness

The Whitefield bus stop is just 3Km away from the Whitefield Railway station. Plus, if you wish to travel by bus to any major part of Bangalore then the buses are also available at a greater frequency. Also, the nearest airport to Whitefield i.e., Kempegowda International Airport is just 37Km away. To reach this airport it will take you around 1 hour on a normal working day.

Availability of Housing choices

The very beneficial feature of Whitefield is that it provides a lot of options for accommodations. If you want to live in a luxurious villa there, you’ll find a variety of villas here according to your preference. There are also apartments on sale with different price ranges. What more could you ask when you get the house according to your likes with the best interior designs, beautiful architecture at an affordable price?

Social Infrastructure

Whitefield fills all boxes when it comes to good social infrastructure. From excellent shopping zones like Ascendas Park Square mall and The Forum Neighbourhood Mall to the best schools like Gopalan International School and Vydehi School of excellence, this real estate hotspot has everything in the store. Apart from that, there are also hospitals, medical care centers, and exquisite restaurants.

Final Thoughts

As there are advantages there are also a few drawbacks about this locality and that is the traffic which is due to the ongoing metro construction in the area. Plus, there is also a shortage of water in the summer season.

How much would you rate this real estate that offers both quality of living and high standards? Please let us know your opinions. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. PropertyPistol does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


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