Why should you invest in Pune’s fast-growing residential Paradise Mamurdi?

Making a real estate investment can prove to be huge stress both mentally and financially.

Before investing in a home, you should thoroughly research the area and the property itself, as well as assess the positives and negatives in general. When you embark on a property hunt, you think about the affordability of the project, the convenience, the environmental, accessibility, basic facilities, and the future growth of the neighborhoods. Mamurdi in Pune is the promised land you must be pulling for if cosmopolitan Pune is on your property list. Mamurdi has an exquisite personality and is ideal for tranquil living away from the craziness of central Pune. In fact, it has all it takes to be called living heaven.

Let’s have a look at other benefits this real estate hotspot in Pune has to offer

Residential Prices in Mamurdi

Mamurdi is fast developing and prospering due to its location in the heart of nature and great accessibility to the rest of the city. Real estate prices have skyrocketed in recent years, and investing in this leafy enclave will turn out to be a golden opportunity ahead. The beginning price of homes in Mamurdi is around 4500per square foot, with an average price of 4000 per square foot. The typical rental price for a 2BHK is roughly 10,000-13000 and 15,000-17,000 for a 3BHK.


Mamurdi is around 30 kilometers from Pune’s outskirts. It is a low-density neighborhood with excellent access to state roads and railway networks. The charming neighborhood is rich in natural history and home to three beaches: Alibaug, Mandwa, and Murud. If you enjoy weekend excursions, the beautiful hill station Lonavala is within an hour’s drive from Mamurdi. And, because Mamurdi is located just off the Pune-Mumbai motorway, you can simply zip to any nearby getaway. Only within the town are the Raigarh Fort and the Shaniwarwada Fort. 

Environmentally Friendly

Mamurdi is swaddled in a lush blanket. The area has a high density of trees, giving occupants a sense of being near to nature. It’s also a birder’s heaven, with a wide range of avifauna. What better way to start your day than with some beautiful chirpings and a beautiful vastness in front of you?

The region’s climate is suitable to calm life. Even if it’s a little warm during the day, it’s cool and breezy at the night. The monsoons are lovely, and the weather is cooler than predicted due to the lush vegetation.

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