Top cities to live all around India

Hyderabad Hyderabad, home to the Charminar and an entire college of biryani, has survived since the Nizams’ reign. Today, the antique town is a study in contrast, with busy bazaars competing with luxury department shops and contemporary writers in HiTech town wandering beside the shady bustling streets of the antique town looking for knick-knacks. After […]

Fire safety requirements for high-rise residential structures in India

High-rise residences have become the most desirable type of housing in all major cities. People prefer to live in residential complexes rather than simple flats. Vertical expansion is the solution for cities where living is a privilege. However, the hearth protection standards for high-upward thrust dwellings in India are genuine.

Security considerations for women living alone in rental properties

Meet your neighbors Not everyone is sociable enough to knock on a stranger’s door and introduce themselves. However, if you are a single woman living in a leased house, it is usually reasonable to teach yourself. If you happen to have some cooking skills, now is the time to put them to use.

What is critical information infrastructure?

The Information Technology Act of 2000 defines CIC specifically. It defines CIC as a laptop resource whose incapacity or destruction has a crippling effect on national security, economics, public fitness, or safety. Its primary goal is to protect virtual assets. Under the Act, the government has the authority to designate any data, database, IT community, […]

AI and Blockchain Are Transforming India’s Real Estate Sector

Since the previous year, the real estate market has been in the process of repair. Historically, the enterprise has been a laggard in terms of virtual technology adoption. However, the pandemic and burgeoning proptech sectors have accelerated the use of new and emerging technologies. This edition of Grant Thornton Bharat’s ‘Reality Bytes focuses on how […]

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