How climate change is influencing real estate in India

India is committed to meeting the United Nations’ sustainable development targets of lowering its carbon footprint by 30 to 35 percent by 2030. To meet local climate commitments, the appropriate resources and development industries must expand their business practices. This path to sustainability comes at a cost to the company, which includes an increase in […]

How can I pay the Vasai-Virar VVMC property tax?

The Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation’s (VVMC) internet site provides a platform where people may pay their property taxes quickly. Furthermore, it may be used with the help of consumers to publish various provider demands. The Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVMC) levies a tax on all immovable properties within its jurisdiction. Every year, the […]

How do you calculate the market worth of your home?

1. Make Use of Online Resources Use a web-based true market price calculator, such as Zillow or PennyMac, to provide a hard estimate of your home’s market value. To obtain accurate results, provide true information. Remember to include any modifications or remodeling work done in your home since you purchased it since this will increase […]

Rent in Dubai is rising at the quickest rate since October 2014

According to the June 2022 version of the Dubai Residential Market Snapshot provided by CBRE, rental and villa rentals in Dubai are rising at the fastest rate since late 2014. The average rental and villa rentals in May 2022 were AED 83,485 and AED 249,677 per annum, respectively.

What Are the Various Commercial Lease Types in India?

While considering leasing a large business facility, you must be psychologically ready because it is a tremendous endeavour that involves substantial monetary expenses. When renting a commercial space for the first time, it is critical not only to thoroughly study the market but also to have a clear understanding of the many types of commercial […]

TOD – Transit-Oriented Development

TOD is an urban planning framework that focuses on establishing mixed-use neighbourhoods in high-density locations that are accessible from transportation hubs. Cities suffering fast urbanisation, explosive population increase, and increased automobile jams, such as Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Mumbai, have largely embraced the approach.

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