Why there is an Extreme Drop in Property Registration in April?

Mumbai is the battleground of real-estates where property prices are comparatively higher than any part of the country. There is always some kind of cold war in progress, especially for sea-facing properties. While the city of Mumbai registers an increase every year after the closing of the financial year in March, April 2021 saw a […]

A slot reservation is now mandatory for the property registration in Maharashtra

The slot-booking procedure will mean that every one of the state’s five hundred nineteen property registration offices only gets to handle under thirty registrations every day. It would bring about a significant drop in the government income during the first month of the new fiscal year.

The reason behind putting back 5% stamp duty on property registrations by the Maharashtra government

On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, the Maharashtra government decided that they would not extend the two percent waiver on the property registration from April. They are also restoring the previous system of five percent stamp duty on property registrations from starting of April 2021.

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