A guide to home loan refinance!

1. Determine if you need to refinance. There are various reasons to consider refinancing, from receiving a higher interest rate to remodeling or expanding, from buying an investment property to debt consolidation. However, you should always determine whether refinancing makes financial sense before deciding to negotiate with a new lender.

A Brief roadmap for RBI repo rate rises in 2022!

Following recurrent inflationary shocks wreaking havoc on the economy, the top bank has abandoned the COVID-supporting measures. As a result, lending rates have returned to pre-pandemic levels.

What happens when customers cancel bookings due to project disruptions?

What is the most likely situation if a buyer cancels his flat reservations owing to a delay in project completion? Will he be repaid in full? If so, what about the bank loan he obtained for this purchase? The Karnataka High Court’s most recent decision resolves some of these questions.

As banks raise lending rates, home loans become more expensive.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) announced repeated upward adjustments to the repo rate – the rate at which it loans money to banks – in 2022. Not surprise, the present repo rate is 5.4 percent after three revisions this year since April 2022. Such similar increase is on the way to counteract inflation. This […]

All about applying for Home credit loans!

Another reason someone could need immediate money is to buy anything like a new phone, a dream vacation, a few expensive goods for their home, or something else. A private mortgage can be useful in such circumstances. If your urgent need can be satisfied with less than INR 2,40,000, a private mortgage through Home Credit […]

Your 2022 house loan prepayment guide

Many people explore different ways to reduce or eliminate their debt. One approach that is fairly popular among borrowers is repaying the loan in part or whole before the complete duration of the loan. Although it may assist you in getting out of debt, it can also result in large savings over what you would […]

How does the home loan application process?

Meanwhile, millions of urban Indians utilise housing loans to purchase the homes of their aspirations. However, not everyone is acquainted with the home loan process. As a consequence, many loan applications are denied, or borrowers discover themselves in a tricky position because they are still unable to repay their commitments.

Everything you need to know about home renovation loans!

Every house is a reflection of the owner’s character. The majority of homeowners prefer to repair their houses to improve their quality of life, be it for holidays or even other special events. House renovations can indeed be costly; thus, obtaining a personal loan to do so is always a wise decision.

Why you should choose a short-term loan for your property?

Advantages of short-term domestic loan tenure: Following research, paid individuals between the ages of 25 and 45 should be eligible for a mortgage with a long term. Additionally, it is beneficial for self-employed experts between the ages of 30 and 40. A mortgage with a longer term enables younger individuals to own a home sooner […]

Myths About Home Loans in India

The only financial institution with affordable hobby pricing is good, given the importance of price range in home purchases, a gullible borrower may choose the lender with the lowest interest rate on a modern domestic mortgage. Unfortunately, the interest rates on home loans fluctuate frequently and include some higher expenses. Instead of letting the current […]

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