Top Five futuristic building technologies!

Almost every area of real estate is influenced by technology. Technology is enhancing how construction organisations produce structures and infrastructure projects, whether in architecture, engineering, or construction. Let us have a look at some of the cutting-edge technologies that are changing the face of building in India.

India has built its own ‘Google map’ to speed up infra projects!


We frequently see freshly constructed roadways that have been dug out to fully enclose brand-new pipes. One reason for this is the absence of centralized data that might guide such projects and allow us to include the pipes as soon as the roads are constructed. A delay in centralized infrastructure projects after road construction is […]

Actual and Virtual Land: How It Became Popular

The metaverse, sometimes known as the digital world, contains virtual territory. The area might be utilized for anything, including an empty lot, a home, or even a gallery of art. Typically, virtual land is marketed on NFT marketplaces like Sandbox and Decentraland, and land ownership is documented on the blockchain on which the NFT is […]

AI and Blockchain Are Transforming India’s Real Estate Sector

Since the previous year, the real estate market has been in the process of repair. Historically, the enterprise has been a laggard in terms of virtual technology adoption. However, the pandemic and burgeoning proptech sectors have accelerated the use of new and emerging technologies. This edition of Grant Thornton Bharat’s ‘Reality Bytes focuses on how […]

Explanation of the India VIX: What exactly is the India VIX and how does it operate?


The stock sector is regarded to be volatile, with significant riskiness meaning that stock values can swing dramatically higher and backward in a small space of time. Market participants may have heard of terminologies like the worry index or the Volatility Index. It is critical to comprehend the India VIX, also known as the India […]

Proptech: Transforming the Rental Landscape

Now, more than ever, our lives are intertwined with technology. Right from getting up in the morning to going back to bed at night, you’ll find yourself surrounded by new-age devices. Digital innovation changes economies and markets, altering how business is done regardless of industry. Many sectors, such as telecom & media, were affected a […]

Geo-mapping of dwellings in municipal areas is on the cards, according to the Goa minister.

Vishwajit Rane, minister of urban development, stated that the government will shortly do satellite modeling of all urban homes. It will entail geo-mapping municipal ward borders. According to Rane, all municipalities will have access to this information within the next five months.

CMDA to develop five satellite towns around Chennai

CHENNAI: To prevent careless expansion, the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority will concentrate on creating Thirumazhisai, Minjur, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, and Chengalpet as satellite towns around the state capital, planning new town development plans, and setting up road network along these corridors for improving accessibility.

Advanced technology in construction: Mivan Shuttering

Mivan is a one-of-a-kind aluminum form created by Mivan Company Ltd, a European design firm. The Malaysian company began manufacturing such formwork systems in 1990. This novel method of work is ideal for constructing large-scale dwellings at a faster rate. The rate of creation should be given more weight, especially in large housing projects or […]

Pune will test a new land digital identification program

Pune has been chosen as the pilot city for the Unique Land Parcel Identification Number (ULPIN) project, which would provide IT-based complete data control.

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