Here’s all about HUF

The Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) is not generally mentioned in the Income Tax Act, although it is contained in Hindu Law. All people who are lineally derived from a common ancestor, as well as single daughters, are included in the HUF.

Everything you need to know about the AP encumbrance certificate

Among the most essential aspects of a person’s life is their house. People are deeply engaged in their homes for a range of factors, however there is a significant financial investment if it pertains to owning a home or property.

Construction and Demolition Waste Policy is Announced in Chandigarh


The Chandigarh government has issued a Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste policy that allows recycled/processed trash to be reused for rebuilding and other purposes.

Tips on how to double-check your apartment purchase documentation without any lawyer


Purchasing one’s own apartment or property is a goal for anybody who is successful and has accomplished something meaningful in their lives.

Everything about the Model Bye-Laws and documents involved in it


Before we move on to the Bye-Laws for the corporate societies, let’s first briefly define what bye-laws are.

Lok Adalat: A guide to resolving pending property cases

With a surpassing rate of 6.25 lakh property holders paying tax in 2021, Lok Adalat is the alternative dispute redressal mechanism resolving pending property litigations across cities in India.

Real Estate: Extension Given to Town Planning Adalat Applications


The city corporation of Thiruvananthapuram has given an extension to receive the Town Planning Adalat applications. Initially, the last day of filing the applications for Town Planning Adalat was 18 August 2021. However, the date has now been pushed to 26 August 2021.

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