India’s super-rich like to store their money in high towers, farms, and vacation homes: Sotheby’s

Farmhouses are often built on one to two acres of land and have an area of 4,000 square feet or more. Real estate is an appealing investment choice for high and ultra-high net worth professionals, with 61% planning to invest in property in 2023-24.

Tips for constructing your ideal house on a parcel of land.

Building a house takes a lot of time and work. Several elements must be considered to ensure the success of the ultimate outcome, from appointing an architect to double-checking the building quality of raw materials. The key pointers to keep in mind while building a house on a plot.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Living in a Basement Apartment

Basement apartments are in high demand due to the growing popularity of standalone builder floors. While some homeowners convert their basements into living quarters for their personal use, others opt to make money by renting them out. Living in a basement flat, on the other hand, may bring health difficulties due to humidity and seepage […]

Benefits and drawbacks of land investment!

Given the high Returns on Investment, land investment is frequently prioritised above other real estate investment opportunities (ROI). However, before you take the leap, you must first grasp the benefits and drawbacks of investing in plots. outlines the asset class and identifies its primary benefits and drawbacks to assist you in making an educated selection.

Residential sales in India’s top 8 cities reached a nine-year high, 2022!

In eight of the main cities in India, 2022 is anticipated to see a “breakthrough” for the real estate industry. In 2022, house sales in these cities significantly increased, reaching new records for the decade. The most recent information from Knight Frank’s 2022 Real Estate Report indicates that sales in these cities reached a nine-year […]

How may NRIs use powers of attorney to handle real estate in India?

Simply put, it is an authorization (power of attorney) that a principal provides to a representative. The principal and the solicitor have a private relationship, and the principal would be bound by the solicitor’s decisions. For instance, if a person purchases property in India but is unable to see it in person, Any family or […]

Over the next five years, BK Modi Group intends to spend USD 1 billion in India’s real estate and wellness industries.

Over the next five years, BK Modi Group wants to spend around $1 billion in India’s real estate and wellness industries since it believes these two industries have enormous development potential. BK Modi, the founding group head, claimed in an interview with PTI that there are vast prospects to incorporate new technology into the real […]

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